Em + E Love Story's: Jordan and Adam

Hey Pretties!

At Em + E Events we REALLY love our couples. They are the reason we get up and go to work everyday with a smile on our faces. I've been waiting years to write blogs featuring the love stories of my clients and I am so happy that time has come! As a fun way to show our amazing couples off we wanted to dedicate a blog post to a new couple every week or so! Today we are sharing the story of Jordan and Adam! Photos are from their engagement shoot with the amazingly talented Hot Metal Studio Photography and the questions about the couple were answered by the lovely bride to be!

Where did you two lovebirds meet?

In 2013, I moved into a duplex with one of my good friends. I was about to begin my junior year at IUP, studying to become a sociologist and women's right activist, and I was so excited to discover new adventures in this next chapter of college. A few nights after we moved in, I started to hear gorgeous songs coming from a guitar on the back porch. I finally worked up the courage to go outside and introduce myself to the person who was playing such beautiful tunes. His name was Adam. He was also a junior at IUP, studying to be an accountant and economist, and I fell in love with him at first sight. He was SO tall with long, curly hair, beautiful blue eyes, and the most infectious laugh in the world. The next few weeks were a blur, and we spent our nights on that porch telling each other our secrets and dreams. We found out that we had SO much in common. We love the same types of rare music, are both equally introverted, want to travel the world, and have similar dreams for our futures. After a few weeks of late night porch talks, and even a few serenades from Adam, he nervously asked me out on our first date. On 11/2/13, we ran out in the pouring rain and ate the best ravioli at a local Italian restaurant. The rest has been blissful history..

How did he propose?

I can't stop smiling when I think of the proposal. The nerves, the jitters, the excitement...it was all so perfect. I guess the first step is to say that I value my family more than anything. I have a mom like no other, my Mimi is my best friend, and I have an Uncle Bryan who I wouldn't trade for the world. I also LOVE Beyoncé (like, really love..). So this year, we decided to travel and everyone would stay the night at my Mimi's house. Around 6am on Christmas morning, the house was lively. My mom, her boyfriend, and everybody else was wide awake. I was kind of grumpy, because I love to sleep, and my goodness, it was only 6am on a holiday! But, I struggled to get up and drink some coffee, and by 7am we were sitting down to open presents. Adam insisted that I opened the first gift.  It was a small and flexible wrapped present and I was totally stumped. I opened it and held it up, and it was a white t-shirt with "FEYONCÉ" written in gold. All of a sudden I was really confused, but also really nervous. I look up, and Adam had moved from sitting and was now on one knee, reaching into his pocket. It was there, in front of my favorite people in the entire world, on Christmas morning, that Adam asked me to be his forever. I said yes. (PS - then I understood why everyone was up so early, because they knew! So sneaky.) 

What is your favorite part about wedding planning so far?

My favorite part so far has definitely been the dresses. It's funny because when we first got engaged I had said that I surprisingly wasn't overly excited for the dress part. Then I started looking, and swooning, and even went to Glitter and Grit for a brief trunk show. Now, the dress is all I can think of! But I'm also really looking forward to planning this vintage-themed wedding with a Cinco de Mayo twist with Emily. She has had so many unthinkable ideas, and I can't wait to start planning for the decorations and food and everything in-between!

Just got to love, love!