5 Favorite Date Night Dates

Hey There, Pretty!

My boyfriend and I try to go on a date at least once a week. We both are so busy with work that even though we both work from home we hardly spend any time together. Today I want to share our five favorite date night dates.

1) Trying New Restaurants: As I've talked about before we LOVE food and we live in the middle of some of the best food in Pittsburgh. We always try out new place and we and never disappointed 

2) Mini Golf: This is out favorite spring and summer activity. We are really competitive people by nature so we always keep score and at the end of the season we see who is the champion for that season (I've been number one for the last 2 years ;) )

3) Dessert Dates: Whether its something a little bit nicer like the Melting Pot or simply going for ice cream we both love satisfying our sweet-tooth carvings. 

4) Movie Night In: We rearrange the living room and throw all the pillows and blankets on the floor and pick a movie from On Demand. Its super relaxing but still romantic and fun to cuddle up and watch a movie in our own place.

5) Movie Nigh Out: We love going to the movies. Like, REALLY love it. We go maybe once a month if something that looks really good is out. Stock up on candy and drinks (The movie theater we go to has a bar!) and have a blast!

What are your favorite date night dates?