Hot Line (Engagement) Bling

Hey there cutie,

We can all agree Marilyn Monroe was right on the marquise with the whole “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” thing, right?

Engagement rings are what some of us wait our whole lives for, what some of us have (several) Pinterest boards dedicated to, and honestly what some of us are confused about because we’re not actively buying diamonds on the daily.

Famously, engagement rings are broken down by the 4 C’s of the diamond world:

  1. Color – the less the better (if that's your thing...colored stones are also gorgeous)
  2. Cut – not to be confused with shape, this determines the sparkle your bling will have
  3. Clarity – the level of “imperfections” assessed within a stone
  4. Carat – the weight of the diamond

Those categories should at least help start the sorting process when daydreaming about your future “best friend”, but who doesn’t love some inspiration? Here are some of our favorite engagement ring styles & trends!

Stay beautiful,