Bullet Journals: Back to Basics

Hi Pretty,

Love traditional pen and paper? Have a TON to get done (like planning a wedding)? Want to finally get your life in order? Start a bullet journal!

Nothing quite says “time to get organized” like planning a wedding (and a whole life together)! Fortunately for all of us humans, bullet journals exist. 

Planners are great, diaries keep our secrets, and to-do lists keep us motivated, but what happens when you need to color outside those lines? We’ll walk you through the basics, but you’re free to grab a pen and paper and get started any way you’d like.

Step 1: 

Table of Contents

Step 2:

Create a Future Log.

3, 6, and 12 month logs are the most popular!

Step 3: Create monthly and daily logs for yourself. 

For a helpful guide, check out this video, from the creator of the Bullet Journal: 

Get Creative, Get Colorful, Get Crackin'! 


Look for inspiration everywhere! Check out these accounts for some helpful hints:


Featured accounts: @kel_studies, @bulletjournal.inspiration, @theblueplanner, @journalspiration

Happy journaling! 
xo, Emily