Don't forget those shoes, Cinderella!

Hi there lovelies, 

Who could forget the scene in P.S. I Love You (sob) where Hillary Swank marches into the salon and asks Lisa Kudrow to let her make her wedding shoes? If only we all had a friend so loving and talented, but a girl can dream...

When you're trying on gowns, don't forget about your pretty little feet! Keep Cinderella in mind and remember, no look is complete without a pair of gorgeous shoes to carry you down the aisle. 

Short, tall, heel, flat, lace, tied, canvas, floral, you name it! Add a pop of color for a show-stopping peek-a-boo, stay comfy in some lace up slippers, or do some good in a pair of Toms, any way you wear it, strut your stuff and go get 'em! 

xoxo, Emily