Weddings Around the World

Hey pretties,

Love is everywhere and that means weddings are too! The world is a big place and each and every corner has its own unique practices, which means unique and stunning brides from everywhere. Countries, regions, and religions all factor into what a wedding will look like and the ceremonial aspect but these elegant brides from around the world are just too gorgeous not to share. While this post is by no means an extensive list, here are some of our favorite looks and traditions from around the world:

North American brides typically don the traditional white gown and veil.  A lot of cultures have adopted this practice, but there are still beautiful, traditional elements each culture implements within their modern-day fairytales.  Some of our favorite traditions for these brides include something(s) old, new, borrowed, and blue, tossing the bouquet, and exchanging rings and vows during the ceremony. 
The latter is replicated across cultures but each one makes the practice their own. 

Mexican brides are typically very traditional; during the ceremony, a "Lasso" is wrapped around the couple in a figure-eight.  The lasso can be a large rosary or a band of flowers that is used to symbolize unity between the couple.  Latin Mexican weddings are vibrant and bright with colors like yellow, blue and red being used to represent food, money, and passion. They may also feature mariachi bands and traditional cakes made of nuts and rum-soaked fruits (yummy!).

These are modernized examples of the traditional bridal qipao that Chinese brides wear.  This dress is traditionally made of red silk and extends from the neck all the way to the feet of the bride.  However, with more modern versions, the sleeve length may differ as well as the embroidery. In China, red and white are the most prominent wedding colors since blue, black, and gray are all thought to bring bad luck to the couple. 
A Very Important Date! Some Chinese couples opt to consult astrologers who predict the perfect wedding date based on the birth dates of the bride and groom. Let the fates decide...

No two brides are alike, and the same can be said for the beautiful brides of India.  The traditional bridal gowns of India are called "lengha" and are usually bright and bold shades of red.  The bride will be heavily adorned in gold and red jewelry as well as intricate, hand-painted henna designs on her hands and feet.  Indian wedding ceremonies can last for three days with multiple ceremonies including an intimate, closed ceremony for the families (Ganesh Puja), a public ceremony and reception known as "Mehndi" and "Sangeet" respectively.  The Mehndi ceremony features the "7 steps" where the new couple circle a small fire seven times during which time they vow to love and support each other throughout their marriage.  Sangeet typically introduces the families, features a meal and several dance performances.  The final day may be another reception-like ceremony and a cocktail hour. 

Muslim weddings (which can occur in a number of Middle Eastern and Asian countries) are probably the most varied across cultures and regions.  Different religious sects and cultural practices will dictate the overall wedding experience but the main consistent practice is the signing of a marriage contract between the bride and groom.  Like most brides, Muslim women who choose to wear hijab will incorporate their religious practices into their wedding fashion.  Dresses are typically white or a light, neutral color and conservatively tailored as well.  

Coral beads and bright, bold blue gowns known as Igbo feature prominently in Nigerian weddings.  Modernization has caused the traditional white gown to be worn by some brides, and for Nigerian brides to celebrate with two ceremonies, one cultural and one traditionally religious.  The cultural ceremony is treated as a large party, no invite necessary! 

Like we said, this is just a taste of all the weddings and practices the great big world has to offer! Every culture has its individual way of celebrating a bride and some have even begun to combine those elements across cultures for a truly personal wedding day. We hope you find the beauty in all of these brides, they way we find the beauty in you.