5 Awesome Beach Books for 2017

Hey pretty, 

What's a beautiful day at the beach without a solid page-turner? Here are a few books (some old, some new) to keep you occupied on whatever sunny shore you may find yourself on this summer! 

1. Priestdaddy: A Memoir, by Patricia Lockwood
This book is an eccentric reflection of an even more eccentric family. The Catholic priest patriarch of the Lockwood family loves guns, hates cats, and drinks a lot of Baileys Irish Cream. Dad also hosts family meetings-clad only in his underwear-and watches action movies while mom looks at German Christmas trinkets on the internet. All of these experiences are coupled with flashbacks to Lockwood’s childhood and pious upbringing while the she tells the true story of her and husband moving back in with her parents in 2013. 

2. Into the Water, by Paula Hawkins
From the author of The Girl on the Train comes a new psychological thriller. When a single mother, Nel, is the second woman to show up dead at the bottom of the river, the history of the water begins to flow.  Nel’s now orphaned daughter (Lena) believes her mother’s death was a suicide but her aunt is not so sure. Told from at least 11 different perspectives, this story tumbles through the numerous deaths of “troublesome women” that have occurred in the “drowning pool”, whose killings appear to be more than they seem.

3. The Gender Game, by Bella Forrest  
*Disclaimer: This is technically a Young Adult novel but the plot is so fascinating I think us "adults" can look past that!*
Violet’s world is ruled (and divided) by gender.  In her world, men rule the west and women rule the east. After her brother disappears, Violet becomes a prisoner and is sentenced to death.  She must enter the male kingdom, Patrus and do everything she can to survive.

4. A House for Happy Mothers, Amulya Malladi
 Two women who could not be more different are brought together by motherhood. Priya is successful and well off, but childless in California. On the other side of the world in India, Asha longs to give her daughters an education.  The Happy Mothers House-a surrogate “farm”-could solve their problems. Asha will carry a child for Priya in exchange for her daughters’ education. How could either woman possibly put that much trust in the other?

5. The Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Ashwood
his ’98 book is the inspiration for the incredible Hulu show of the same title. Set in a dystopian militaristic theocracy, the story follows the handmaid Offred.  In a time of declining healthy babies, “The Commander” (her male superiors) keeps Offred for reproductive purposes. Human rights are severely limited but Offed intends to keep herself alive.  Within the story, secret meetings, clandestine organizations and a resistance are afoot. Told through present time narration and flashbacks of Offred’s life before the world changed, The Handmaid’s Tale is strikingly relevant and incredibly terrifying all in one breath.

Happy reading!