Thirty Thursday: How to Stock Your Empty Bar

Hi Friends! 

One of the best things I thing a venue could offer is the freedom to stock your own bar. There are so many advantages to this. You get to save money, pick exactly what you want served, be creative with your drink options, and so much more. The biggest question I receive when a client of mine has this option is what should we buy and how much?! With all this freedom comes some confusion and over thinking but, no fear! Em + E Events is here to help you! This is what I would recommend for a wedding of 250 guests:

This is what I would recommend for the bar: 

Vodka: 12 bottles
Whiskey: 8 bottles
Rum: 5 bottles
Gin: 3 bottles
White Wine (two types of white): 30 bottles
Red Wine (two types of red): 30 bottles
Beer 1 (light): 8 cases
Beer 2 (domestic): 5 cases
Beer 3 (imports): 3 cases
Champagne: 20 bottles

Coke: 90 cans
Diet: 60 cans
Sprite: 40 cans
Ginger ale: 30 cans
Club Soda: 30 cans
Cranberry Juice: 40 cans
Orange Juice: 40 cans

Add ons:
Sour mix

Happy Mixing!