5 Things to Always Have at Your Wedding

Hello Babe! 

When it comes to your wedding you have all the control! You have so many decisions to make. From what colors will you use, the front on your stationary, the dress (or pants!) you'll wear! Here Are five things that I high recommend you always have at your wedding. They will make all the difference and hopefully help keep some of that stress away during the planning process! 

1) Floor length linens: Lines that go all the way to the ground make the reception look 100% more formal and romantic. 

2) A Seating Chart: Seating charts are a must when you are having a wedding with more than 50 people (I still highly recommend it with 50 or less guests but, you can get away with it if you choose). Not only does it give the wedding order, your guests and caterer will be a lot happier with a chart also. 

3) Some form of seating: This might sound funny but, more and more couples are deciding to do cocktail style wedding and totally over look this. I love a good cocktail style wedding but just remember to supply some seating for your guests! 

4) Good Food: This is a no brainer. Whether you are doing a cocktail style or a full dinner make sure that you are serving your guests good food. This is something they will remember! 

5) Entertainment: Music is key! Your guests came their to celebrate and one of the biggest ways to celebrate is to dance the night away. So let the people dance!