All Aboard the Dress Train! (Literally)

Hello my lovelies, 

Lady Di, Lady Di, what a woman! More accurately, what a bride! While it's (sadly) true that most of us won't attain her royal status, we can at least try to let every woman have a wedding dress that rivals our OG princess. 

Every royal wedding has been iconic (we see you, Kate Middleton), but let's be honest, we are ALL here for that one stunning detail: the train. 
Long or short, trains add a regal touch to any gown, so here are a few of our favorites: 


The Sweep: This train is typically less than a foot long but adds just enough flare to any floor-length gown. 

The Panel: Adorable, stunning, and (best of all) detachable! This train can be added to virtually any type of gown, provided you know the right seamstress to help you out! Simply stitch a panel into the back of your dress and voila. Bonus: With a panel, the length is up to you! 

The Chapel: Anywhere from three to five feet long, this is the fairytale train of our dreams! Long and flowing fabric will never disappoint, but fair warning: these may be hard to handle and could prove tough to maintain. Never fear my dear, just look for a detachable chapel train!

The Cathedral: For any bride-to-be who has ever been called "extra", look no further. You'll stop every bit of traffic with anywhere from six to NINE feet of fabric following you down the aisle. Keep sashaying, girl. 

Most of these trains are literally what dreams are made of (Lizzie McGuire, we miss you), but who's to say a girl can't dream? 

Keep dreaming, keep dancing, and walk down that aisle like it's your very own runway!