Calling All Foodies!

Hi there gorgeous,

Two words: Food. Truck. They've really exploded in popularity over the past few years, so much so that brides have started using them to feed their guests during receptions. We love this idea so much and here are just a few reasons why:

  1.  Eat Local: Shop local, eat local, live local. Everything is better when you know who made your food and who grew the veggies. If you're a proponent of knowing where your meal came from, locally sourced food trucks may be your style!  (Obviously, food trucks can travel great distances but if you go this route, you'll more than likely have to pick a local truck that you know will be available!)
  2. Variety: We've all got a vegan friend! If you or anyone attending your wedding has specific dietary preferences or even if you just want to try something new, food trucks are a great option! We'll get to pricing in a minute but you can rent multiple trucks for the same price (but typically LESS) than a catering service, which allows for a delicious variety of food to snack on. You could even consider having an app, an entree, and a dessert truck to choose from to let people try a little bit of everything!
  3. Accessibility: Outdoor reception? Not a fan of sitting? Too many loved ones to say hi to? FOOD TRUCKS. These guys are super accessible, meaning it's as a simple as walk up, order, and eat! Most trucks have multiple options available too, meaning you could eat your way around the wedding and try something different at each stop. 
  4. Timing: With multiple options and quick eats, your entire party will probably get fed in a fraction of the time it takes for a sit-down catering or even a table-by-table buffet. Food trucks also give people the chance to snack, party, snack again, party get the picture. Accessibility and timing go hand in hand; walk up and be able to eat what you want, when you want! 
  5. Pricing: This will depend on how many trucks you decide to get, although a good rule of thumb is one truck for every 75 guests. Currently, the average wedding cost per plate is about $68 but food trucks can cut that by over half. Depending on the demand of the truck and the type of food they serve renting a food truck can cost anywhere between $25-$50 a plate which is a huge saving per guest on your part! 

With all of this to consider, it's time to let you take a look at what's available to you in the area: 
You can go to and check out their entire fleet of trucks! This awesome website condenses a lot of different info into one place.  You can search by food type or browse the whole "shop" and easily contact any vendor you'd like! 
Disclaimer: Some trucks have selling restrictions (weather, temperature, etc.) so just be aware of that! 

Another awesome resource: This website shows the location of registered trucks throughout the day, and will even tell you what they're serving at different times (breakfast, lunch, etc.)! You can see pictures of the trucks to know what you're looking for and easily inquire about booking a catering. 

Last but not least, doesn't provide booking information but does give some info on the types of foods different local trucks sell. You may want to start here to narrow your search down, or track them all down and have a taste! 


Stay hungry & stay happy,