Out of Town? You're in luck!

Hi pretties, 

One of my current brides wants to put together some "welcome bags" for her out of town guests, so I thought "Why not share the wealth?" This post will take you through the contents of "welcome swag bags" and give you some ideas on how to personalize them for your wedding location and the special people in your life.

First question: Why are we making these?
These bags may seem like a trivial part of a wedding but can seem extremely thoughtful on your part and will ultimately let your loved ones know just how much you appreciate them making the trip to your special day. These are also a great idea if you can't greet every guest who will be arriving for the wedding! 
Pro Tip: Depending on the length of everyone's stay, personalize the bag with a map of the town you're in. Bonus points if you use the map to show them cute spots between you and your fiance (i.e. first date restaurant, old hangouts, where he proposed, etc.)

Second question: What do I put in these "swag bags"?
Custom totes are adorable and reusable and surprisingly cheap as well! Once you have a vessel, it's really up to you, but in order to be thoughtful AND helpful, here are the must haves: 

Schedule of Events - Snacks and Drinks (+goodies) - Local Spots - Souvenir - Recovery Kit -Thank Yous

Those are just some ideas to get you started, here's what the finished product may look like. Remember to keep with your theme and give the baskets the same personality you and your honey have!  

Keep planning & keep partying, 

xoxo - Em