50 Fun and Creative Date Ideas

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received was “never stop dating your partner”. I think it is so important, especially in todays world where we are always running around being crazy busy, to take the time to date our partner and spend quality time with them. When planning a wedding emotions are high and the stress levels can be at an all time crazy take a night to go on a date and try NOT to talk about the wedding at all. Trust us, you’ll love it!

Here are 50 Fun and Creative date night ideas:

  1. An Escape Room

  2. Candle Lab

  3. Local wine tasting

  4. Local beer tasting

  5. Go Kayaking

  6. Mini golfing

  7. Go to an amusement park

  8. Play laser tag

  9. Movie night at home with homemade snacks

  10. Go zip lining

  11. Make homemade pizza together

  12. Go on a hike

  13. Go to the zoo

  14. Volunteer together at your favorite charity

  15. Go to a local festival

  16. Go to a museum

  17. Attend an art show

  18. Go bowling

  19. Get coffee and walk around a book store

  20. Go to a Farmer’s market

  21. Game night

  22. Do a DIY project together for your future place together

  23. Go to a yoga class together

  24. Have a spa day together

  25. Do a fun photo session together (not your engagement photo session)

  26. Make breakfast together

  27. Watch the sunset together

  28. Watch the sunrise together

  29. Catch fire flies

  30. Go to a cooking class together

  31. Go to an art class together

  32. Go fruit picking together

  33. Walk around target together and find a $10.00 gift for each other

  34. Go to a bed and breakfast for the night

  35. Take a walk around the neighborhood together

  36. Go to the newest restaurant in town

  37. Get a couples massage

  38. Go vintage shopping

  39. Play 20 questions

  40. Drive around and look at large houses around your town (day dream about your future house)

  41. Go to a local brewery

  42. Take a class together

  43. See a comedy show

  44. Go to the coolest coffee shop in town

  45. Go see a play

  46. Go to the Opera

  47. Trampoline park

  48. Go Axe throwing

  49. See a Ballet

  50. Have dinner at a rooftop restaurant