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Hello Pretty,  

Thank for stopping by! Today as I was on the treadmill I thought "What do I want to write about today" then I thought "Why not share your morning routine?". So that's what I am going to do! 

Every morning I wake up around 7:20. I "make" breakfast, which consists of peeling an orange and opening a premade smoothie from Stoney Feild. Their wild berry smoothie is the best! I am hoping Santa brings me a NutriNija for Christmas so that I can start making my own smoothies everyday. I love cooking and baking and I really love knowing exactly what is going into the food that I'm eating.

After that, I put on my gym outfit and I pack my bag for the day. This consists of my outfit for the day, laptop, iPad, phone and all corresponding chargers, two wallets, chapstick, gloves now that it's getting cold, water bottle and keys. I then head out the door for the gym by 8 o'clock. 

I love going to the gym in the morning because it gets me pumped for the day ahead. I do 30 mins cardio on the top level of LA Fitness so that I can look over the bottom floor and people watch. I then do another 30 minutes of arms, abs and legs. 

After my workout is completed and I'm showered and dressed my day can begin! I truly believe that a good start to the day is very important. If you have a good morning and are feeling pumped up for the day you will be able to accomplish anything! 

Talk Soon!