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Em & E Events




Lead Principal Planner + Designer: Emily Elizabeth Capitano 

Emily Elizabeth Capitano was always a creative soul with a passion to start her company + be her own GIRLBoss. Growing up she always wanted to open a wedding and prom dress store. She wanted to help girls and women feel beautiful in their own skin + find their dream dresses for their up and coming events. During her junior year at Duquesne University she assisted with her first wedding and absolutely fell in love. After years of volunteering, interning + assisting some of the best planners in the Pittsburgh Emily Elizabeth decided it was time to fulfill her dreams of starting her own company! Just like that Em + E Events was born! 

Who's the "Em" and Who's The "E"? I get this question ALL the time! The easy answer is they are both me because, like previously mentioned my name is Emily Elizabeth, the "Em" is for Emily and the "E" is for Elizabeth. But like I said that is the easy answer! The "E" is also a dedication to my mom, whose name is, go on guess....Elizabeth! I could write a book on why I'd dedicate part of my businesses name to her but I'll leave that for another time. The last meaning behind the "E" is it is a dedication to Everyone this is involved in making your event a dream come true! Without all the amazing vendors that I work with no event would come to life. So there you have it! Mystery solved!